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The Bag Chasing Family is a brand established in 2018, based out of Dallas, Texas and founded for the sole purpose of helping people across the world reach their full potential.

BCF is founded by young entrepreneur Marquis Thomas a once distinguished High School Athlete who had the opportunity to pursue his athletic career but instead decided to take a different path; a path he hopes will help change the world! In pursuit of his dreams, he created this brand to increase awareness that all goals and dreams are possible with the proper guidance and dedication. He hopes this brand can spread the message to all parts of the the world and truly make a difference.

Although the brand is currently pursuing this dream through clothing, our team doesn’t plan on resting until we have successfully established several foundations and charities that will not only give back to the community but also inspire people to do something great for mankind.



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BCF is much more than a clothing brand. BCF is a lifestyle. We want to create the environment and movement for others like us to support something bigger than themselves. Come join us and let’s change the world.

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